Why invest in KI-tech or a KI-tech power plant project?

  • We are a global service and construction company for the KPP technology.
  • We offer turnkey delivery power plants.
  • You can expect great cash flow with a 5 years payback period, if you sell the energy for 9 euro cent.
  • The IRR is typically 22% for a 5MW KPP power plant.
  • Thorough testing over time show that there is very low risk to engage in this tech.
  • By a proper investigation in the tech and comparison of the the financial return with that of solar and wind, you find that the production of energy is so high, the financial return is higher.
  • There are many good reasons to get enlightened about KPP technology. If you have assets in energy tech such as wind and solar energy, there may be possibilities to gain a lot from investing in KPP tech.

Let us know how you are planning to finance your energy project. In a potential partnership agreement, KI-tech gives access to sensitive materials. Because of this we require proof of funds (POF), from potential partners and customers.

KI-tech has partner programs with several investor solutions. Our finance model is adjustable and open for development to fit the needs of our customers. Please get in touch to learn more about the opportunities.