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Kinetic power plants (KPP) are available in: 1 MW and 5 MW modules.

KI-tech will be equipped to deliver a 200 kW system within 2019.

The land requirements for the 1 MW is 150 m2. For the 5 MW system it is 1500 m2.

Based on our current modules we can customize all power plant capacities.

KI-tech full service

  • Verifies the necessary stable ground conditions, by a feasibility study.
  • Global sales representative of all modules.
  • Facilitates the acquisition of a KPP.
  • Does the complete construction and installation of the KPP.
  • Provides service of the power plants.
  • Handles the sale of licenses.


From December 2014 the KPP has been tested by independent sources and 3rd party test labs. Testing over time at multiple facilities have confirmed the KPPs production of constant, clean energy. The KPP tests within the required standards for European and international energy suppliers.

Standard test parameters include: Current, effective energy, voltage and current harmonics, active and apparent power.

Interested parties are welcome to the KPP facilities in Thailand. We have 100kW and 500 kW generators available for testing and demonstration. For the upcoming product of 200kW the system consists of 3 units of 100kW KPP 2 running (1 backup). The 1 MW KPP consists of 3 units 500kW 2 running (1 backup) and the 5MW consist of 14 units 500kW 10 running (4 backup).

For more information on testing and products, please get in touch.

A protected entrance to the marked

The KPP represents a paradigm shift in energy generation. The technology is patented, and new inventions are under development. As any new scientific discovery, the technology is under a process of verification by scientists and technological developers.

We have a password protected webpage where potential investors and customers are given access to videos, pictures and further documentation. The best way to see if this suits your energy needs is to come over to the Save The Planet Asia Research and Development farm in Thailand and see for yourself. Feel free to bring your own experts and do examinations to make sure it is the right product for you.

KPP is the energy system of the future. KPP is green, economical, and continuous.

- Energy anytime, everywhere -