- Green energy anywhere all the time -

The Kinetic power plants will be a game-changer in the global energy market. It is a renewable, zero-emission technology and works independently of weather conditions. KPP offers a continuous, steady baseline energy supply, with market-leading kWh-prices.

The lifting force
KPP use the Archimedes principle “ lifting force ”, to give a new generation of Rosch generator a controlled torque.

The power plants are pneumatic systems. The upthrust converts kinetic energy via a gear system. This is what drives the generator. Compressed air is injected into lifting bodies, which rise in a tank filled with water. The generator works as a constraint to the speed of the lifting bodies. This way the system circulates energy while producing excess power.

The Rosch generator uses circular-polarized gravitoelectromagnetism, and the complete electromagnetic potential. The KPP system have a uniquely designed air compressor and make use of a pressure exchanger. The compressor makes the injection of air in to the floats, extremely effective.

The further functions of the generator are patented. Please get in touch for more information on testing and the KPP system.